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Doctor She

We'll be performing the Medicine Show at Alchemical Studios on June 24 & 25 @ 7:30pm

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Assortment of Pills

The Full Medicine Show is Coming Soon

Thank you to everyone who participated in our developmental workshops of The Amazing Doctor She Medicine Show at Columbia University's School of the Arts! We're so encouraged by the response to our little project that we're in the process of planning additional workshops and we're currently fundraising for our fully-realized production of Doctor She at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

To our new friends, welcome! Keep scrolling to learn more about this project and our process of building it. We recommend clicking around to find some silly digital easter eggs, and before you go, don't forget to join our mailing list to stay in the loop about Doctor She's future!

How We Made It

Katie and I have been trying to find our way into William Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well for years. On a cold autumn morning at the (now shuttered) Morning Star Diner, we bemoaned the fact that the show didn't focus enough on what we thought was its most interesting attribute: a Shakespearean heroine who works as a doctor. This show is born of our combined enthusiasm for and frustration with this source material. We hope you have nearly as much fun attending the event as we've had building it!

The Amazing Doctor She Medicine Show is a blend of fact and fiction. We have no specific evidence about the actual woman upon whom Bocaccio and Shakespeare based their story, if she even existed. But though the medical prowess of Madame De Narbone is mostly a literary conceit used to advance a traditional love story, we were delighted to find information on plenty of real women who were practicing medicine in Europe throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance. In fact, beyond the specifics of our mysterious Doctor She, everything else we've included about the checkered history of underrepresented genders in the development of traditional Western medicine is based in truth. The outmoded theories of medicine and misogyny that our show picks through are all well-documented and we live in the long shadow of their legacy.

If you're interested in further reading on these topics, here are a few resources to get you started...

Women in Medicine

European Medicine in the Early Modern Period

Traveling Medicine Shows


And if you have more questions about how we made this show or where to find more interesting things to read, please get in touch! We love to chat.

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